The Art process

I use acrylic paint, ink, wood and resin on canvas wall art and I rarely use brushes preferring to
work with sticks, feathers, straws, heat gun and at times my hands.

First I decide the background color and apply acrylic paint to the canvas, let it dry then either do free flow or a more structured piece using different implements such as listed above to move the paint. Clear resin is applied to the art and after it dries I either leave it covering the entire piece with a smooth, glasslike finish or add dimension with
thicker resin that I’ve colored. Waiting to apply a second or third application of resin can be a long process
taking up to 2 weeks to dry between layers. Temperature has a lot to do with the drying time.

Resin is very toxic and a respirator, gloves, safety glasses, good ventilation and fans are required. It’s
also messy and unforgiving. Before starting I always consider the time for completion and prepare the work area.
I use clear Artist Resin. Measurements are critical, if the measurements are not precise the resin will never cure, and the result will be tacky and never completely dry. Bubbles appear while the resin is curing and need to be removed with either a heat gun or torch. The bubbles will continue to float to the surface of the piece for about an hour.

My inspiration comes from many
different things. Colors are usually enough to move me in a certain direction.

~ JJ Hawks, Artist and Owner of Colorado Art Peace