In life we have to watch our actions, thoughts and words making sure to conform and always be careful to say and do the right thing. Art is my inner (no mistakes) arena to put glorious feelings, passion and depth on a canvas, expressing myself without words. My work takes me where I feel free, silent and aware. I lose all sense of time, I become peaceful, joyous and receptive. It's a quiet, no-thought experience, time disappears and I soar! My mind is at rest and open when I paint; I choose the color, brushes, theme and canvas size, then I pick up the stick and JJ disappears. I never labor over a piece, I just relax and enjoy where the paint goes, watching how it glides over the canvas.

Sometimes I leave the piece I'm working on, walk away for awhile, when I return it seems new, it's been transformed and I'm surprised and delighted!

Paint, Sign, Hang...

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