a word from the artist

Welcome to Colorado Art Peace where you will find nature based artwork
using an acrylic and resin technique.

My name is JJ Hawkins and I am an Abstract/Resin Artist. My work with acrylic and resin
started in La Quinta California where I saw an artist who was using resin on wooden tabletops.
His work was stunning and I wanted to know if this technique could be used on a canvas
so I started experimenting as soon as I went back to my studio.

After years of trial and error I have become very familiar with the process of applying resin
to my canvas art and have achieved the very appearance I desired. The final look of my
work is smooth and glassy, inviting people to touch it.

I live in a state of inspiration!
The sky, trees, water and even people
can start the creative juices flowing,
then the journey begins.

~ JJ Hawks, Artist and Owner of Colorado Art Peace