The artist (JJ Hawks) lives in the beautiful mountains of Evergreen, CO surrounded by the glorious colors of the forest where the scenery changes daily, much inspiration comes from where she lives.

JJ is an abstract/contemporary artist, her medium is acrylic with a smooth, glassy finish of resin, sometimes painting wet on wet or coloring her resin and adding it later to add dimension and depth. She learned how to use and work with resin 7 years ago, at times resin is a challenging medium, but she has worked on perfecting this process.

She prefers using sticks and other implements instead of brushes to move the paint.

Her work has movement, light, bold vibrant colors and shapes.

As an abstract artist JJ enjoys hearing what others see in her work, her art is unique and heartfelt, she enjoys nothing more than being in her studio expressing herself.

phone: 303.668.7061, email:

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